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Professional Services

Our professional services are focused on providing the right support and reducing risks associated with staffing by leveraging on our large pool of specialized talent and a commitment to your success.

Our proven and successful Resource Management Cycle and approach has become the key component in our clients project and initiatives success.

Contract Staffing

As a professional services partner Hisolve can fill in the skills and resources gap for current software development efforts. Our staffing approach provides the right support for your Information Systems or Product Development needs, your quality assurance demands and your financial planning.

Our staffing services make your job easier by:

• By ensuring that the Right skills are applied to your projects.
• By providing your services at the Right Time every time, we reduce costly overruns.
• By being Globally Mobile, we assure you of our presence in the Right Place.
• By aggressively managing our costs, we offer the Right Price for our services.
• By specializing in leading edge technology, we guarantee the Right Results.

Since its inception, Hisolve has optimally utilized the various resources at its disposal to meet and exceed customer expectations. And this has resulted in Hisolve dramatic growth both in terms of revenues and profitability. Hisolve has associations with major Software development and Consulting Companies, including the Big 5. Since our product is the talents and services of our Consultants, the most Hisolve component of our business strategy is to attract, develop and retain highly qualified Consultants. To which we have been greatly successful.

Project Staffing & Recruiting

Hisolve Resourcing Specialists can work on or offsite to conduct full life-cycle recruitment on behalf of your organization, interfacing directly with either hiring managers or internal recruiters. The Hisolve Resourcing Specialist is a results driven recruiting professional who is carefully selected to support the client's recruiting and staffing objectives. From candidate sourcing, to job posting, to resume screening, to confidential candidate interviewing, to competitive offer formulation, the Resourcing Specialist becomes the client's complete high speed, high yield, and lower cost outsourced recruiting solution.

Project Staffing Search Process:

• Our researchers will identify potential candidates from targeted companies and our extensive database.
• From this research, our recruiters will have a sufficient candidate pool from which to develop qualified candidates. We will supplement research, sourcing, and recruiting with an Internet Recruiting strategy.
• The Project Manager will assure that the quantity and quality of candidates sufficiently meets your hiring goals.
• Our recruiters will conduct all referencing prior to extended offers. We will also coordinate interviews and perform the necessary follow up with candidates.
• Throughout the project, appropriate correspondence will be managed by Hisolve.
• At the end of each week, we will provide a brief progress report reflecting the weeks activity.
• At the end of each thirty day period, Hisolve will provide a detailed progress report, including number of candidates sourced, recruited, presented, interviewed, hired, and cycle time. We will also include any and all diversity data.

The Hisolve Resourcing Specialist follows strategic research approaches that are guided by formal employment need assessments, organizational charts, job codes, and fully documented communication with human resource directors and hiring managers. If desired by the client, they can collect specific industry employment data, including salary data and competitor organization chart information. Intelligence Agents provide weekly "Success Summary" reports to client management, which are often supplemented by "Candidate Profile" reports. They will also manage candidate interview scheduling with hiring managers if requested.

Phone: 408-689-2746

Email:  info@hisolve.com

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Application Development and Maintenance of the client’s requirements.

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Today’s competitive environment calls for at every phase.

Today’s competitive environment calls for at every phase.

Professional Services
Today’s competitive environment calls for at every phase.
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