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Case Study

Project : Mobile Time Tracking Tool

Project Client : Mobile Application Provider, USA

Environment : Palm, Code Warrior, GNU, Treo 600/650/700, Oracle 10g, Sun Solaris, HTML, Java, JSP

Description : Mobile Time Tracking tool is mainly inteded for firms wishing to capture the mobile time spent by the events like phone call, emails, personal discussion etc and to post back the corresponding time for backend processing.

Project : Problem Reporting Tool

Project Client : Prism Surface Coatings Ltd. India

Environment : PHP, Linux, MYSql, HTML, ASP
Description : Problem Reporting Tool is a tool to enhance the customer base of Prism Surface Coating ltd by reaching to global customers

The Main aim of prismtroubleshooter is to enhance the customer service of Prism Surface Coating Ltd by reaching the global customers. All the customers can avail the services of Prism Technical Team who are Industry experts by registering and posting their questions for which the response will be posted back by prism technical team. All the registered customers will also have the option to refer to the queries requested by other customers and a possible resolution for the same.This will help them mitigate few risks that may come across which may not have experienced by them earlier. Through this approach the Technical team also save time since the customers before requesting the query will always refer to the queries if solution exists for their query.

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Today’s competitive environment calls for at every phase.

Today’s competitive environment calls for at every phase.

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Today’s competitive environment calls for at every phase.
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